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The SIA Global Security Project was born in June 2019 with the goal of delivering ad-hoc online courses about various global security issues to help people achieving their next career goal and raise awareness of the most dangerous security threats.

Behind our courses, there are many talented experts from around the world, specialized in International Security, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, GDPR, and much more. Combining our skills and professional experiences in so many different fields with an innovative education model, allow us to deliver rare-to-find online courses.

And, cherry on top, although the quality in our lectures is very high, the cost to enroll in them is very low ($19,99 each). For us it is very important to guarantee anyone, with any budget, and from anywhere, to have the possibility to get a proper education.

Meet the Team

Alessia B. Piantoni

MsC International Security

Martin Abramov

Israeli Military Sergeant

Dawn Lewis

GDPR Expert

Clarissa S. Lagmay

Certified Ethical Hacker

Sigrid A. Mamauag

ISO Expert

Olivia Cantor

Script Editor

Roshan Pokhrel


Jacklyn Gler

AML Practitioner

Kimberlyn Roces

Administrative Assistant

Bea Mendoza

Lessons Designer

Kira Omans


Marla Pathak

Vocal Artist

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